Würth Elektronik WR-WST REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connectors

Würth Elektronik WR-WST REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connectors are solderless, reversible direct plug-in connectors with SKEDD technology and an insulation displacement connection. The SKEDD contacts are plugged directly into plated through-holes of a PCB. With these IDC connectors, a complete part and a potential error source are eliminated, resulting in high process reliability and savings in space, material, and process costs. Würth Elektronik REDFIT IDC SKEDD Connectors are UL E323964 certified and ideally suited for signal transmission, programming, and debugging.


  • UL E323964 certified
  • Solderless Solution
    • Space-saving design
    • Fewer parts
    • Fewer sources of error
    • Reduction of process costs
    • Reduction of material costs
  • Cable Side Insulation and Displacement Technology
    • Direct connection to ribbon flat cable
    • No stripping
    • All strips are contacted simultaneously
    • High transmission quality
    • Permanent connection security
  • PCB-Side SKEDD Direct Plug-In Technology
    • Direct connection to the plated-through hole
    • Flexible fork-arms allow minimum of 10 mating cycles
    • Pluggable by hand
    • Low contact resistance even with high number of pins
    • High contact force ensures vibration-resistant connection
  • IDC enables quick and easy half-pitch cable connection
  • 4-way contact principle for reliable electrical connection
  • Reverse polarity of the plastic housing for correct assembly
  • Tool-free mounting for easy plug and unplug
  • Pre-assembled REDFIT connectors and WR-CAB 200mm flat-ribbon cable solution


  • Signal transmission, programming, and debugging
    • Consumer
    • Solar
    • Industrial
    • Mechanical
    • Switchboard construction


  • 2.54mm pitch
  • -25°C to +105°C operating temperature range
  • 1A rated current
  • 1000MΩ insulation resistance
  • 500VAC withstanding voltage
  • 10mΩ contact resistance


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