NXP Semiconductors Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, & LX2080A Processors

NXP Semiconductors QorlQ® Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, and LX2080A Processors are based on NXP's software-aware, core-agnostic DPAA2 architecture, which delivers scalable acceleration elements sized for application needs, unprecedented efficiency, and innovative, more capable networks.

The NXP QorlQ Layerscape LX2160A, LX2120A, LX2080A Processors include up to sixteen Arm Cortex®-A72 processor cores with high-performance data path acceleration logic and network and peripheral bus interfaces required for networking, storage, telecom/datacom, wireless infrastructure, and military/aerospace applications. The LX2160A contain 16 cores, the LX2120A contain 12 cores, and the LX2080A contain 8 cores.

The device processor is supported by a consistent API that provides both basic and complex manipulation of the device's hardware peripherals, releasing the developer from the classic programming challenges of interfacing with new peripherals at the hardware level.


  • Up to 16 64-bit Armv8 Cortex-A72 CPU cores, running up to 2.2GHz
  • 16MB cache
  • 2x DDR4 72b including ECC, to 3200MT/s, maximum capacity of 256GB
  • 2MB packet caching buffer
  • 24 SerDes lanes, operating up to 25GHz
  • Up to 16 Ethernet ports
  • Supported Ethernet speeds include 1, 2.5, 10, 25, 40, 50, and 100Gbit/s
  • 122Gbit/s Layer 2 Ethernet switch
  • Up to 24 PCIe Gen4 lanes, supporting ports as wide as x8
  • 50Gbit/s security accelerator
  • 100Gbit/s data compression/decompression engine
  • 4x SATA3.0
  • Secure boot and Arm TrustZone technology
  • SD, eMMC, 2 x DUART, 6 x I2C, 2 x USB3.0, 2 x CAN (FD optional)


  • Network function virtualization
  • White box switching
  • Storage controller
  • 5G packet processing
Chart - NXP Semiconductors Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, & LX2080A Processors


LX2160A Block Diagram

Block Diagram - NXP Semiconductors Layerscape® LX2160A, LX2120A, & LX2080A Processors
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